The small cooking company was founded around 2003 by Jane Shaw and Pauline Murphy. They were surprised at the lack of food producers within Central Otago using the district’s produce and so established Provisions to promote Central Otago fruit.

Provisions, which operated from the heritage site at Old Cromwell Town, was named as one of 10 national winners in Cuisine Magazine’s inaugural artisan food awards in 2009, the only Otago food provider to receive such an accolade. “Provisions’ roasted cherry chutney won Cuisine Magazine judges over, packing a punch of flavour into what was a favourite traditional condiment”.

The business was sold in 2016 to the Benjer Juice business in Cromwell and operated as a part of that business. The owners of the Benjer business also owned the orchard now known as the Cherry Up Orchard in Ripponvale Road Cromwell.

They sold the Orchard to us in late 2019 and subsequently sold the Provisions business to us as well in mid 2020.

The Cherry Up Orchard and Provisions are both run by Aaron and Glenny Nash. Aaron and Glenny are from Auckland but both love Central Otago and took the courageous and giant step to leave the big smoke for the clear airs of this region. Naturally it has been a huge challenge but they have survived their first two extreme weather cherry seasons and are looking forward to growing and developing the cherry and fruit orchards.

They share the Provisions founders’ vision to promote Central Otago produce through cultivating supreme quality export cherries and harvesting juicy and tasty quality home-grown fruit for customers of our Provisions products.